Stretch Marks - Cause & Solution

stretch mark cream bottleSudden weight gain or increased muscle mass are the two main reasons for stretch marks. Stretch marks occur due to stretching of the skin, and when an area of the body is stretched, the connective tissue is broken. The result is inflammation which heals in the formation of a scar.  Weightlifting is one of the most popular and rapid methods to build muscle mass - and sometimes the skin is not able to regenerate in time. The resultant effect is tearing / stretching of the skin. The scars that are left behind are visible in the form of stretch marks.

Our Stretch Mark Intensive Treatment was designed to specially target those who are regularly involved in lifting heavy weight and prone to stretch marks. The cream works in two ways to treat the stretch marks: (1) reduces the present stretch marks by adding moisture to the skin to allow the skin to regenerate newer skin cells that will eventually replace the damaged (stretched) tissue, and (2) prevents any future stretch marks by adding elasticity. Prevention of stretch marks is critical in their management.