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Cycling Testosterone Boost

The reason most of our customers choose our Testosterone Boost, which contains natural tribulus supplements, is because it will increase your natural test production without adverse affects on your systems hormone production cycles. Dr. Max Powers recommends taking the Testosterone Boost supplements as per a cycle. The Testosterone Boost supplements should be taken for five days on, and two days off. Most customers choose to take the supplements Monday – Friday, and take the weekends off. The length of your cycle really depends on your age and health. Younger men (under 35) should choose shorter cycles, while older men (35+) should choose longer cycles, usually not over three months. After each month, take one week off. For example, after your first month of cycling 5 days on and 2 days off, take one week off. Then start your second month. After your second month of cycling, take one week off and continue to your third month if needed.

After completing a three month cycle, it is recommend to take at least 2-4 weeks off. For an easier transition, a decending dosage pattern can be used the last week (i.e. only take half a tablet for the last week).

For those of you that think the Testosterone Boost is a miracle supplement that will work magic, you are wrong. The Testosterone Boost needs to be taken with a proper diet and a steady workout schedule. You need to do the training! Most importantly, as will all supplementation, Dr. Max Powers knows that judgment is the key to success. Knowing your body and your limits is crucial to taking proper supplements, proper training, and staying strong and healthy. Listen to your body – it is your best indicator what you should be doing and what is working.

10 comments on “Cycling Testosterone Boost

  1. MariosNo Gravatar on said:

    I do not want to be dogmatic – I don’t know whether this works or not for others. Personally, I feel much more energetic and sexually charged when I follow a natural nutritious diet of fruits, lots of vegetables, whole grain cereals, lean meat/fish, water and adequate sleep – excersise, abstinance from unhealthy food and abusive substances and good sleep is the biggest health and testosterone booster…do that as well if you plan on using the supplements

  2. MillerNo Gravatar on said:

    I have been taking the test boost for over a month and it takes awhile to notice the effects, but I think you will be pleased! It made me hot at times and that was the only side effect I noticed……

  3. thank you for the advice

  4. I agree with the article that this cycle depends heavily on the diet. Furthermore, I do think that taking too much can actually backfire. Taking it correctly makes this product a great supplement for training. Great article. I look forwards to trying this a second cycle to see if the results are and different. Great

  5. The best way to gain testosterone levels is obtaining it naturally. Eating peanuts is a good example. Using this product, its very important to follow instructions. Using the proper cycles and eating properly will get you to a completely different level. I would recommend to build a workout regimen and a diet before experimenting with this product.

  6. Too much testosterone can be dangerous, so its very important to keep the cycles accurate.

  7. If you dont cycle properly you can have sever side effects. I recommend this for experienced users.

  8. This is amazing how it works. I tried a different brand and the results were overwhelming. Ill probably cycle again sometime this year.

  9. Works amazing if taken properly. However, not taking it properly can set you back tremendously. I recommend proper research before taking it. It does cause amazing results though. talking from experience.

  10. syyrsNo Gravatar on said:

    Testosterone needs to slowly build in your system before you see an effect.