Boosting Testosterone - FAQ

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Is it ok if I am on a cycle of Testosterone Boost, while taking creatine and protein products?

Yes. In fact, we recommend it. The supplements are different and leverage different parts of the body. They will not produce any adverse reaction when used together, but will work together for beneficial / complementary purposes. For example, the Testosterone Boost is designed to increase your natural testosterone produced by your body. While that is occurring, creatine will buffer your ATP levels and increase cell volume, while protein will increase nitrogen and protein levels. 


I'm worried about Gynecomastia (estrogen effects) - what are the side effects of taking testosterone?

Gynecomastia is caused by too much estrogen in male. The Testosterone Boost does not cause excessive estrogen, since it will only stimulate your testosterone to natural levels. This is what makes the Dr. Max Powers Testosterone Boost so unique – it will not overload your body by testosterone throwing your hormones out of balance, only enhance your bodies ability to produce that testosterone.



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How exactly does the Testosterone Booster work?

The Testosterone Boost is actually Tribulus supplements, which have been used by bodybuilders and athletes for years to raise testosterone levels. Tribulus has been studied as boosting testosterone levels via stimulation of the body’s pituitary gland. This stimulation is is what promotes the production and secretion of Leutinizing Hormone, which leads to increases in unbound, free-testosterone levels.


I need to take a drug test soon - will the testosterone supplement show up on the drug test?

Since the Dr. Max Powers Testosterone Boost increases uses your body’s natural functions to increase testosterone levels, it will not show up as an outside source on a drug test.


Can I take the testosterone booster on days when I do not work out?

Yes. Dr. Max Powers recommends taking “testosterone supplements” as per a cycle. The Testosterone Boost supplements should be taken for five days on, and two days off. See How to Cycle Testosterone for more information on how to take Testosterone Boost supplements.


Is it ok for women to take the testosterone boost?

While studies have shown that women taking Tribulus Terrestris supplements is safe, we have not conducted adequate studies on women taking the Dr. Max Powers Testosterone Boost. Until further study is done to determine safety for women, as well as a recommended regime, Dr. Max Powers does not recommend the Testosterone Boost for women.

What are some natural ways to boost testosterone?

Seafood has a higher level of vitamin D results in higher level of testosterone. Vitamin D is found in seafood such as tuna fish, salmon, trout, swordfish, halibut, herring, and sardines. Eating raw foods like Coconut, beans, strawberry, cheese, pumpkin seed, and wheat bran are also beneficial in helping increase testosterone. Lose weight - obesity has adverse effects on testosterone level. Get rid of stress. Stress hormones are a complete opposite of testosterone hormones.

Where does Tribulus Terrestris come from?

Tribulus Terrestris is primarily grown in the summer season. It takes one year to complete its growth cycle and is located in areas with a warm climate. Its fruit resembles the shape of a goat, hence it is often named as goat head. It also has many other names like puncture vine and devil’s weed. Medical practitioners make use of its leaves, fruit, and stems. However, it is not advised to directly eat its fruit.