A ten-minute warm-up, followed by a thirty minute weight routine, followed by ten minutes on the stationary bike to cool down. Having a workout routine is important, but it is problematic when your workout becomes just that – routine. In order to experience maximum exercise benefits, you must vary your routine to ensure that the body you have will turn in to the body you want.

Changing your exercise routine

Its a must if you want to see your body change. While research varies in terms of how often you should change your routine, most experts agree it is important to change your routine at least every two months. Remember the first time you started jogging? Perhaps you were sore and exhausted after two miles. But with time, you are able to look back on the time two miles that made you wish you were dead and laugh. Why is this? It is because your body has adjusted and it can use less energy than it used to in order to power you through that run.

Which workouts to alter

If weight training is your main workout, your body changes in much the same way. Each time you do a weight lifting routine, you get stronger. As you complete the same routine, at the same resistance, your body will eventually plateau and you will not see as many changes as you did when you initially began your workout. Your body is not a separate entity from your mind. Just as your brain gets bored doing the same thing day in and day out, your body will get bored too. If you feel as though you have reached your plateau, give your body the variety it craves. You don’t need to drastically change your routine, just mix it up on occasion. Throw in a few pushups between reps or take a break from the same bench press you do day in and day out. Your body will adapt to the new changes and reward you by sculpting in to the body you want.