How to Cycle Testosterone

The Testosterone Boost should be taken for five days on, and two days off (take the product for five days, and then do not take it for two days). Most customers choose to take the supplements Monday – Friday, and take the weekends off.

testosterone booster bottle

The length of your cycle depends on your age and health. Younger men (under 35) should choose shorter cycles, while older men (35+) should choose longer cycles, usually not over three months. After each month, take one week off. For example, after your first month of cycling 5 days on and 2 days off, take one week off. Then start your second month. After your second month of cycling, take one week off and continue to your third month if needed. After completing a three month cycle, it is recommend to take at least 2-4 weeks off.

For an easier transition, a descending dosage pattern can be used the last week (i.e. only take half a tablet for the last week). Knowing your body and your limits is crucial to taking proper supplements, proper training, and staying strong and healthy.

Listen to your body – it is your best indicator what you should be doing, and, what is working.