Enlarged Prostate: What You Need to Know & FAQ

30 million men suffer from an enlarged prostate. 50% of men over 50 year have an enlarged prostate. 80% of men over 80 have prostate problems. Eventually, all men will face an enlarged prostate. Every man has a prostate, and if they live long enough, they will experience problems with their prostate. The Dr. Max Powers Prostate Supplement can give you relief of your prostate problems.

Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate:

  • Weak stream during urination
  • Hesitancy during urination
  • Stopping / starting urination
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Waking up for urination
  • Pain or sexual disfunction

The natural substances and minerals in the Prostate Complete Supplement reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate and return men into a normal existence. It's a comprehensive formula of Saw Palmetto, Vitamin B12 and Pumpkin Seed which combat urinary tract infections and reduce frequent urination.

Pygeum africanum - reduces frequency and urgency

Pumpkin seed oil contains sterols to inhibit prostate enlargement

Saw palmetto inhibits the conversions of testosterone

When these ingredients are used together, they inhibit enlarged prostate symptoms, while giving your body the right vitamins and minerals it needs to have a healthy prostate.

Prostate Supplements FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

prostate supplement bottle

I am 40, and I was alarmed that I had prostate problems so early. Is it normal at 40 to get prostate problems? Is it ok to take the supplement at my age?

While most men will start to experience prostate problems at age 50, there are some men who have prostate problems starting as early as 35. This can be due to genetics, diet and lifestyle. Yes, it is safe to take the Dr. Max Powers Prostate Complete at any age, because the ingredients are all natural, and do not have any side effects. They enhance your body’s natural ability to regulate prostate function when there is an imbalance.

 I'm just beginning to see some of these prostate problems happening. Just the beginning. How quickly will they progress? Can I reverse what started?

No one can tell you how quickly your symptoms will progress, but in time, they will undoubtedly get worse as you age. Everyone’s body is so different, so it's hard to say, but with the help of supplementation, enlarged prostate symptoms can be reversed.

 Im 62 years old, and I am having these symptoms. Can some of these lead to cancer?

No - they will not lead to cancer. However, an enlarged prostate does increase your risk for prostate cancer. Every man over the age of 50, should visit a physician to have a digital rectal exam in order to rule out cancer. After you are cleared for prostate cancer, the Prostate Complete Support can alleviate the symptoms of the enlarged prostate,

 I am worried about my husband, He says he is fine, but he gets up all night long to go to the bathroom - he is in there forever. He says there is nothing wrong, because his PSA is negative. He just wont talk about it, What can I do?

You have to talk to him about it. Understand that it's unlikely that he has cancer, that's what the PSA means, but those symptoms are horrible and they are interfering with his life, and he does not have to live with those symptoms and neither do you.

 I've been having the symptoms you are describing for many years now, and I am wondering why can't I just have my prostate removed.

Your body is not like a car - you just can't remove a dirty filter. If you have your prostate removed, you run the risk of damaging the nerves, which can lead to severe issues. Treating the prostate using a healthy diet and supplementation is the best way to alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.