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Enlarged Prostate & Saw Palmetto

As men age, prostates become enlarged. When you are told by a doctor that you have an “enlarged prostate”, often times you will be referred to a proctologist who specilizes in prostate health. 

A male’s body contains a hormone called DHT, that causes the prostate to swell. While some enlarged prostates are not a problem, others can cause complications with organs and body parts in the region. With a swollen prostate, men can experience the following symptoms: frequent urination, painful urination, or inability to urinate. Some men experience symptons where they feel they are not able to urinated completely, or completely empty their bladder; leading to discomfort.  

Saw Palmetto is one of the top ingredients used to prevent testosterone hormones (androgens) from turning in DHT. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. In fact, saw palmetto is used in a number of prescription and over the counter remedies for prostate care. Formerly used as a digestive aid and antiseptic, saw palmetto it is now widely renowned for prostate health. Native americans used to eat the berries of the saw palmetto plant, for its nourishing effect on the urinary tract and genital system. The Dr. Max Powers Prostate Complete Supplement gives you a thirty-day supply of all the natural vitamins and minerals that work with saw palmetto to regulate prostate health.

Clinical Studies - A clinical research study was conducted of 505 men with enlarged prostate problems, such as inability to empty bladder and frequent urination. The participants were administered saw palmetto, and other prostate support herbs, and it was concluded that saw palmetto led to helping urinary flow and decreasing prostate size. After 90 days of the treatment, 88% of patients and their physicians said they considered the therapy to be effective.