Toning Exercises for Women

Squats, Push Up, and Lunges

The Squat

The squat begins from a standing position with hands on your side, each bearing weights. Feet should be apart in the same width as your shoulders. Toes facing forward. Keep knees aligned to the toes during the routine. Then slowly move your hips back. Bend your knees and hips to lower the torso and the weights on your hands until your thighs are parallel to the floor like, “sitting in a chair”. Return to upright position. Avoid descending too fast or flexing your torso too forward to avoid injuries.

The Pushup

The push up or press up is made from a prone position with hands placed apart with width a little wider than the shoulder’s. Push your body up until your body is in a straight line with no arch. Then descend by bending your elbows until your nose is almost touching the ground and in between your hands.

The Lunge

The standard lunge is performed with hands on hips then taking a step forward with one leg. Observe that the knee is over the ankle. Then slowly lower down until  the back of the knee is almost to the ground. Then push off the front foot back to its original position.

Improving Exercises

  • Look yourself at the mirror to guarantee you are doing the movements with the right form. Only the correct movement counts so make it a goal to make every one count.
  • Avoid rushing. Instead do every movement slowly and steadily. Feel your muscles working harder each time. 
  • Should you be feeling no resistance, try to add extra weights. 8-12 repetitions is the goal with the last few counts getting harder. So adjust your weights accordingly.
  • Challenge yourself with extra repetitions or more weights over time. Increase the range of motion. Go deeper in your lunge when ready for example.