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Creatine phosphate targets particular cells, which make muscles stronger, whereas creatine monohydrate deals with the creation of amino acids. Creatine phosphate is made from phosphocreatine, which is a molecule responsible for energy reserves in the body.

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Dr. Max Powers Men’s Daily Multivitamin is designed with you in mind. With over 100 antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it provides your body what it needs to power through your next workout. In addition to faster recovery and increased energy, you will increase your aerobic and anaerobic performance.

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In many studies, rosehip seed oil and other botanicals were found to be "effective on surgical scars" when applied twice daily. The skin became more elastic and had added color complexion benefits. The same results were found with patients who used the serum on burns, since it was able to reduce the scarring and return the tissue color back to its normal state and coloring.

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Workout Advice

You don’t need to drastically change your routine, just mix it up on occasion. Throw in a few pushups between reps or take a break from the same bench press you do day in and day out. Your body will adapt to the new changes and reward you by sculpting in to the body you want.

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