Ingredients in the Prostate Support Supplements

The size of the prostate gland varies with age. Initially, experts believe that it is similar to the size of a walnut. But with the passage of time, it can grow bigger. This growth of the prostate gland is referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In BPH, the large prostate blocks the path of the urethra. Thus, it causes issues with urinary functions in the male body. The problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia happens in men who are about 50 years old and can affect them for the rest of their lives.

dr. max powers prostate complete supplements

The ingredients in the Dr. Max Powers Prostate Complete are designed to provide vitamins and nutrients that are key to a healthy functioning prostate.


The small palm plant belongs to the serenoa family of plants and its fruit extract is used for the treatment of BPH. The extract consists of fatty acids and a cholesterol-like compound, called  phytosterols. Experiments have revealed that it treats mild BPH problems with no side effects.


Vitamin B12 supports muscle enhancement including the areas around the prostate. A high dosage of Vitamin B12 leads to a better muscle support systems and maintaining gland health.


Pygeum Africanum, which comes from the Sahara region of Africa, is known for the bark of its tree’s ability to decrease the size of an enlarged prostate.


Pumpkin seed extract is great for avoiding frequent urination associated with an enlarged prostate. It contains zinc, phytosterols, and the lignans which are highly effective for BPH. The phytosterols contain avenasterol, beta-sitosterol, and  sitostanol which smooth the urinary tract.


Goldenseal is a plant, in the Ranunculaceae family of herbs, which is used in the treatment of various medical ailments. It improves the digestive system by increasing the amount of fluids that are needed to successfully eliminate waste waste fluids from the body. It is also antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in nature. It helps to prevent the inflammation of the tube of the urethra. If the urinary tract gets inflamed then the passage of urine becomes difficult. The use of Goldenseal avoids such problem.


Burdock root is a breed of plants, also known as Arctium. They are found in Asia and  Europe. The plant’s seed, leaves, and fruit are all formulated into medicines. It's dried form is diuretic in nature. Hence, it helps in the better production and flow  of urine. Its chemicals stop the inflammation of the urinary tract. It is also anti-bacterial in nature, therefore, it is used to treat a bladder infection.


Juniper berries are part of the conifer family and located in many countries across Europe and Asia. Its oil is used to cure bladder infection and inflammations. Another distinct feature of the juniper berry is its usage in the removal of stones from kidney and bladder. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature.